Belinda Chavasse Shamanic Healing in Tooting

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Energy healing in South West London

Do you feel caught or stuck in patterns of behaviour.
Do you feel drained of energy from being with certain people?
Do you fear the future, or indeed the past? Or the present?
Do you struggle with issues around confidence?

We have all experienced trauma in various degrees of intensity in our lives and these experiences leave their mark in our luminous field. Our luminous field is the energetic body that surrounds our physical bodies and becomes weakened by many different events. Our luminous field has a direct impact on our physical body, whether mentally, emotionally or physically. We become vulnerable to our surroundings, to other people, to the food we eat and our general well being and we are unable to meet our full potential - either personally or professionally. Shamanic healing can help clear limiting patterns and belief systems in order to create a freer and more expansive future.

Our Shadow is an important and beautiful aspect of ourselves but we frequently work against it and try and suppress it - as it can appear destructive and damaging.

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