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The Consultation

For a consultation, we will first discuss what you are wanting to work with and I will ask you to blow some feelings into a stone. I will then have you lie down, and I will place the stone on a chakra, and will ask you to breathe deeply through the stone. I may sing or rattle whilst working, you are welcome to talk if you wish or you can be quiet. You may experience strong emotion, you may experience tiredness or feel energised, you may feel relaxed. Pretty much anything is possible. Afterwards, we will chat about what came up, there may be homework for you to do, or I may suggest you buy some of my plant medicine or some channelled singing to help support the healing process.

During the healing, you will be lying down and I will have my hands at your head. I will ask you to breathe deeply through a stone and relax. You may experience strong emotion, you may feel tired, you may feel nothing at all.

A session will take up to 90 mins. If we are working remotely, I’m happy to chat through things by Skype or on the phone beforehand, and indeed after if you wish - if not, I will send you a written report of what has taken place. We can agree a time that I will work on you, If you prefer, I may be able to work whilst you are asleep. We can confirm the time


This is typically the first stage of any healing to be done. An issue to be dealt with is discussed and the relevant chakra is cleared ot energy surrounding the issue and then filled with light energy from the 8th chrakra. I will then ground and balance your energy..


We pick up energies, entities into our luminious field or even our bodies during regular activities, some of which can create difficulties - physically, emotioanlly or energietically in our day to day life. These are removed, the area cleaned of any energy which is not of your own and an illumination and rebalancing and grounding down.

Soul retrieval

We have all experienced trauma in our lives - past or present - and have at some points been a perpetrator or aggressor of sorts. In order to protect our souls, a part will leave us to go somewhere safe, where it is not threatened or vulnerable to harm. In this healing, I will go and find the associated soul part and bring it back. It comes back with a gift which is generally an energy or a message. An illumination will follow and rebalance and re-energising.

Cord cutting

We easily develop toxic relationships, co-dependencies, unhealthy needs from others - or others have unhealthy needs in us. In this, the cord is cut, I may use bells for this. The area is cleared and will be followed by an illumination and grounding and rebalancing.

7 Chakra illumination

This work involves balancing each chakra with the itself and the other 6 chakras.

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