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About Me

I started journeying consciously, in about 2005 during a holiday to Egypt where I found myself engaging with the energy of the rocks, the sand, the sea, the wind, the moon and the amazing stillness of the desert. I was shaken to the core in many respects but found myself starting to work with past lives, healing, the elements, the ancestors and energy medicine.

I started off working with reiki and tarot cards, before embarking on shamanism. The message during my first shamanic journey was very clear. I was to work with the dark. My first instinct was that the dark was an abhorent energy and to be avoided at all costs. But the call of the dark persisted, and I began to make its acquaintence and then become friends. The deeper I worked with the dark, the more I understood the beautiful and gentle power presented within, the capacity for very deep healing as we start to integrate the shadow aspect of ourselves.

Finally, my training has taken me to the desert in California, Joshua Tree where I graduated from The Four Winds Light Body School in energy medicine. It was also in Joshua Tree that I connected with my light language and channelled singing which I use to supplement the healing work.

My treatments can be done remotely or in person. Please fill out a contact form if you would like more information.

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