Belinda Chavasse Shamanic Healing in Tooting

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session take?
- A session will typically take 90 mins. It may take a little longer or be a bit quicker. It is also great if you are able to rest afterwards and not have to rush off to anything particular, but if time is constrained, I can work around this.

Where will a session take place?
- I will come to your house. Ideally, we will need somewhere where you can comfortably lie down, the floor is best for this, and I will need to be able to move around you. If that isn't doable, there are ways round this.

Do I need to wear any particular clothes?
- You will want to be comfortable so you can relax.

How will I feel afterwards?
- You may feel tired, or emotional, or invigorated or you may not notice anything whatsoever. The important thing is not to place too much expectation on the way you are feeling to the work that is going on.

How long should I leave in between sessions
- This is really up to you. I would recommend at least a fortnight in between so as to allow energies to settle, and so as not to overload yourselves with change.

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